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Descover everything about Personal Development techniques Learn how to build a healthy MINDSET which will help you create a wonderfull Life Never is to late to learn how works every category of human transformation in the entrepreneurship and relashtionships. Learn what you truly need to succeed from the best Business and NLP Coaches on a Global platform that conects you with your deepest Awareness.

"It's My Mission, My Responssability, My Passion to ensure Entrepreneurs get the Guidance they need to find their Powerful Message out there and create Financial Abundance and mind peace while they do it!"

Veronica Cebans
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Business Power Academy creates the most Revolutionary best programs in every category of personal and professional human transformation. Learn from the best science-based Coaches. Navigate through our individual programs in our Revolutionary store and get access to the entire library for just €1.91 a day with Business Power Academy Access. The Business Power Academy Educational Model Global Economical and Educational change, new technologies like are disrupting work and careers. The Traditional education is not more requiered as much as the Revolutionary Business and NLP Transformational Education. We teach you how to thrive in this new Economical world with evolutionaire education that really matters for the next 10 years of Global Transformation. But we just don’t limitting ourself with Education, we use our Deep Transformational techniques and new technologies to create powerful global network for you, connection and transformation to build your wonderfull life.


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Get the best of technology at WPLMS. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts


21 Courses
Get the best of design at WPLMS. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts


21 Courses
Get the best of design at WPLMS. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts


21 Courses
Get the best of design at WPLMS. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts


21 Courses
Get the best of design at WPLMS. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts

Business Power Academy transforms your life through Education to Awareness and Happiness Every single Day

Manifesting Dreams

How Business Power Academy Works

Transformation with The Best Educational Business and NLP Programs Your time is valuable, therefore every minutes you dedicate to your personal education counts. We work with experts in every field to create the world’s foremoste program using in each area human philosophy.

Every Day Transformation

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The Key secret of learning is WHO you learn with. We run our own private, safe, global sociale network that allows students to collaborate, network and come together to enrich other’s lives.
Every Day Transformation
Business Power Academy Global Entrepreneurs model makes learning as addictive as a Revolutionary Education. Work at your personal development dedicating just 30 minutes a day and last 3 to 4 weeks. Every month you unlock a powerful new ability whether it’s trilling your reading speed, healing your body and mind, becoming balanced as emotionally as well mentaly developing strong intuition. Choose the total potential of your brain and imagine just in one year what will be the level of your transformation?
Descover this all through every single 30 minutes transformation.


BUSINESS POWER ACADEMY popularity is risico speedly through the best teachers in the world. This’s why you will experience remarkable transformation.

Business Power Academy Total Access
Our programs accessibility gives you instant access to our online facillities. Beide this all, live workshops and guests speakers, mentoring classes for exclusive topics.
Business Power Academy integration into Global Entrepreneurship
The actually worldwide economy is unstable which doesn’t offer security being employable. Business Powe Academy gives you the Education and an unique opportunity to create your own job. We are assembling leading edge entrepreneurs to produce effective coaching programs on how to start, grow and manage a business helping other people to improve the world.


2021 a New Revolutionary Development Era

Powerful Learning Methodology

Business Power Academy has as goal and core values to customize learning for all personal development levels of entrepreneurs who have unique purpose and Vision and desires to grow. Now we create a unique online learning platform for students who prefer to transform their live in their own tempo and availability.

Our Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

Ashla Estrada
Spiritual & Energy Coach Souls Vibes Healer.

I am a heart centered visionary and creative designer by nature. Quality time, undivided attention, sincerity in care, and sacred rooted energy are a few of the valued qualities I bring to my sessions. I am always a student and proud to be a spiritual teacher and educator as well. My insights and wisdom span the ages. A few of the roles I fulfill are; mother, sister, daughter, friend, interior designer, artist, animal lover, Beautiful Earth lover, co-creator of the universe and spiritual warrior! You’ll find that not only can I help you create that beautiful feeling for your inner being but I can help your outer world feel beautiful too. My dedication to walking an enlightened and peaceful path started over a decade ago. This includes my experiences in Vipassana Meditation with multiple 10 day noble silence sits, a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification, a Fashion Design B.S. Degree, Master’s degree work in Workforce Education and Development with a concentration in Organizational Development along with multiple Spiritual Practitioner Courses.

Supriya Kumaravelan

International Speaker,Toastmaster Communication & Leadership Coach, Softskill Trainer ,Global motivational & keynote speaker.Host / Moderator & Social Activist. She is training professional with over 16+ years of rich global experience in setting up,leading and managing end to end Learning and organization development management. She bring extensive experience in building programs for the Leadership development pipeline based on business plans and has the expertise in providing vILT.ILT.E- based and blended learning solutions. Her facilitation & delivery capabilities include- Corporate L& OD- MDP,LDP,NLDP programs.,Gamification,Career Development,ADDIE- Content Management,Mentoring &Coaching, Communication & Presentations, Performance Management &Process Enhancements. Awarded with various national & International Accolades . .*Best Softskill trainer & keynote speaker by Corporate Guru World Summit & Awards *Best Speaker by Educos unite of scholars. * Best World speaker by Macedonian Association Doza Srekja,Macedonia. *Best Humanity Award by Macedonian Association Doza srekja . *Inspirational Speaker – The Life Foundation *Inclusive Education Award by Educos Unite Of Scholars & Cosmos International Research University. *Best woman award by Educos Unite Of Scholars. .*Best Global Educator by MACEDONIAN ASSOCIATION DOZA SREKJA Macedonia. *Awarded with NALANADA PURUSKAR IDYMF .*Awarded with Aatma Nirbhar Puruskar IDYMF * Best Active lifestyle award By Bangladesh . * Best Golden Personality Award by Bangladesh. * Awarded with various world peace awards *Awarded with various honorary doctorate from various countries like Brazil,Bangladesh Etc. * Being Judge Panelist in WICE ,ISIF,IYBC NASPO 12 ASPO, AISEEF & YISF,Glocolis , Indonesia 2021-2022

Shagun Sharma

I am a Certified Life/Mindset Coach based in India. I aim at bringing decision making skills, clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients. I have supported and served my clients to develop belief and love for themselves which inturn helped them manifest the life of their dreams into physical world. I help them understand the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. By identifying what they desire, I help them setting their goals and objectives, and hold them accountable, my clients have achieved their highest goals and dreams. Are you climbing the mountain of "should" and just busy hustling and grinding in your life? Do you feel lost, confused, or conflicted? Do you feel like you are disconnected with the people around you, friends or even with yourself? Do you feel a lack of motivation, or lack and understanding of your true purpose? Do you yearn for a romantic partner or the perfect job? Or do you just want to upgrade your life to the next level? We are all made of same cosmic dust and it is our birth right to have all that we desire and dream of. You have that infinte potential and power within you and all you need is someone who can hold your hand and show you what you are capable of. I am here to hold your hand and show you your power. Let's get on this journey of finding you and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Paul Simone Bryan
Healer-Therapist of Childhood Trauma's.

I'm Paul the owner of the Awe Shamanic way. I'm a Shaman, Druid, Teacher and Healer, I have walked the Spiritual path for other 20 years and have been in the online space for other 2 years. I guide people to break free of the Geis (old Celtic word for curse). In many of the old Celtic stories, the central character has been placed under a Geis by family member or an enemy. The word Geis would be understood today as a life script. A self limiting story that has been handed down to us by others, that we reinact daily. We were all told as children that we were not good enough or to much of this or that- this becomes our Geis! A story that causes us to leak power! Using a blend of Inner-Child healing, Celtic Wisdom, Shamanic healing and story telling, I guide people to break free of these limiting life scripts. Through the use of story rewriting I empower my clients to heal old stories and create new authentic stories. This process of telling new empowering stories enables my clients to retrieve lost power, opening up consciousness up to elevated states of conscious awareness. I also teach a ride range of Spiritual practices from Shamanic Healing, Core Shamanism and Druidic practice. I recently opened a small shop (physical and online), selling a range of Pagan, Druid and Shamanism supplies and products.

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