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24 Strategy Digital Creation Course

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My Digital Courses Bring Millions In Income For Me Every Single Year! In This Strategic Training, I Will Show You How I Create 100K Courses With Ease, Find Your Perfect Clients Who are HUNGRY To Buy Strategic Courses, And How I Integrate These Strategies To Bring In Limitless Income Week After Week!



24 Hour Strategy & Digital Course Creation


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Imagine making $100,000 in a month from a strategic digital course I created in 24 hours.
I need you to know it IS 100% DOABLE
And I know this because I made millions dollar business using the EXACT same method for course creation that I am going to share with you in this one-of-a-kind training!
Don’t have an idea yet? NO PROBLEM
Don’t have an audience yet? NO Problem
Never built a course before? NO PROBLEM
Have NO idea what your audience would want? Again, NO WORRIES

Here is a sneak peek at what I will cover for you in this training program:

  • The most common topic strategies on the market in this time that are required to create a digital course.
  • How to map out your course idea in 20-60 minutes or less
  • How to create the Modules of your course
  • How to find out your PERFECT clients that is likely to buy
  • How to know WHO is your IDEAL client market your course to for high conversions
  • Creating your first digital course
  • Validating your course to ensure it SELLS
  • How to design EVERGREEN courses you can use over and over again

You can create consistent abundance for yourself and your family with digital courses you map out in less than 24 hours! Even if you are an employee and are only seeking some extra income, you will be SHOCKED at how much revenue you can generate with highly strategic courses designed to sell 24/7/365 even while you sleep!

Learn How To Turn Your Life Story & Experience In To 100k A Month Courses That Create a Sales System that Sell For You AUTOMATICALLY

Module 1: How to create a Strategy for your Digital Course

Before you get started, let’s talk about the creation faze of your digital course strategy and the mistake which many new coaches, public speakers and different niches course creators make when creating their first digital strategic course. You can save yourself weeks of time and fast track your success by knowing what pitfalls to avoid!
When I first launched my first digital course, I had some big ISSUES with my first courses, but along the way of thorough testing, audience feedback, and success, I have uncovered exactly what you need to be successful.

Overcome the same mistakes other people make! You CAN make your first digital strategic course a huge success!
You’ll learn:

  • How to create a Strategy for your Niche to be unique
  • How to speak Strategically
  • How to create your digital strategic course for your Niche
  • How to make your course stand out from others on the market
  • ​How to avoid being overwhelmed
  • How to price
  • How to launch and sell on different channels making millions

Once you have a solid foundation and understanding of your Niche, we can move on to planning your first course!

Module 2: Picking The Perfect Course Idea in 20-60 Min or Less

The first step to creating any successful course is to make an ACTION PLAN. If you’ve ever tried to do this and felt overwhelmed by the process, then I have you covered.
You do NOT have to spend hours being overwhelmed how to pick an idea that will SELL consistently. I take all the tasks over and give you a proven Strategic Formula to help you create your course topic in less than an hour.

I will even walk you through the brainstorming process and show you the BEST way to create courses that people come in DROVES to purchase, based solely on your expertise, experience and Life Story.

I’ll cover:

  • How to create an outline for your digital course
  • ​How to pick a course idea that your audience will find VALUE
  • ​Understanding the conversation in your client’s head
  • ​Ways to brainstorm your course idea
  • ​Organizational tips and tricks
  • ​How to solve pain points in your course so people come back over and over again!

The second module of this training is my favourite. I walk you through the exact steps I use to design every course I offer, and this strategy is PROVEN to work. Day after day, week after week, month after month!

Module 3: Picking Your IDEAL Client

Now that you know what to avoid, what to include, and how to outline, organize and brainstorm your first course, the next step is understanding where to find the people who are most likely to buy or enrol in your course.

Your experience is VALUABLE, and knowing where to look for the right audience can make all the difference between the success and failure of your virtual business!
You MUST escape the idea that no one will buy your course, because there is a limitless audience out there who is hungry for online learning, and knowing exactly where to find those people will skyrocket your conversions and begin bringing in income for you FAST
In this module, I will coach you through finding, picking, and reaching out to your PERFECT audience.

You’ll discover:

  • ​How to build confidence around your course
  • How to build a trustable relationship with your client
  • How to know who will be most likely to buy
  • Where to look for high converting leads
  • ​Which social media platforms to focus on FIRST
  • ​Other avenues to fight hot leads for your business

Once you know how to pick your perfect audience, you can highly target the RIGHT people, which will save you THOUSANDS in ad spend for your first launch, and that means more money in your pocket, and more clients on your roster!


You must validate your course.
Now wait, what does that mean?

It means that you need to make sure that your course is valid, in demand, will create buzz, and will meet the needs of your potential clients. You also need to make sure that your course is evergreen, meaning timeless, so you don’t have to waste time going back to old course materials and updating them based on current world events!

I will show you HOW to decipher if your course is VALID (Sellable):

  • How to validate your strategic course idea
  • How to create value in your course
  • How to create an evergreen (timeless) course
  • How to format your course for success
  • ​How to make sure your course is RELEVANT



In Order To Make Sure You Are Successful, I Am Including These Incredible Bonuses When You Get Access To The 24 Hour Strategy Creation Course FormulaHow
BONUS #1 – The High ticket Challenge Formula
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  • Learn how to sell 100K monthly through different channels


Email Swipe File – Make’m Yours! ($297 value) – FREE

  • Take my top coaching emails and make them yours
  • See how I use my life story to get coaching sessions booked
  • Download the word doc and edit immediately

BONUS #3 – Tools Video Recording & Sales

That Sells

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  • Learn how to record and sell your videos to market your course
  • Easy to follow my proven Strategy Creation Formula you stay on track
  • PROVEN to sell like a PRO

Get Instant Access to 24 Hour Strategy & Digital Course Creation Formula

Whether you are looking to start a new career, or simply a way to generate substantial supplemental income FAST then this training is for you.
Imagine what 100K could do for you and your family, now imagine that month after month, year after year!

It IS adorable!

Use this proven system and you can design and launch your first sellable course in 24 hours or less!

Hear what people have to say…


“When I first started with Veronica, I didn’t have the confidence to sell from the stage or grow my business online. I was a employee making $40,000 a year. Within 18 months, I did a million dollars in sales in my business. Thank you Veronica. I’m forever grateful that I have the confidence to follow my dreams.”
– Brandon Hawk

“I have learned to get clients, create presentation, and sell, so I can follow my dreams now, because of Veronica ‘s support and program. My passion has always been travel since I was a young man. I found the confidence to create my own business and take my group across the world. I’m thrilled. Awesome, Veronica.”
– Francis Conrad

“When I first started working with Veronica, I was making $50 an hour in my career. Now I have a 7 figure business. I’m married to the woman of my dreams. I moved from East coast to my dream of living in California. I’m running my business and retreats in a way that has totally changed my life. I can’t thank you enough Ted. I now have the ability to accomplish HUGE goals income wise, career wise and being fulfilled in my relationships.”
– David Mehler

“Being around Veronica and his community changed my life. My gift would have died inside me had I not found my strategy and true expression in the world.”
– Jeanne Lecher

“I had a stutter and Veronica’s programs gave me the confidence to get up on stages and follow my dreams. I have a multi-six figure business speaking and coaching for a living. Thanks Veronica.”
– Alex Moscow


Take the first step to financial abundance, and discover how to make highly sellable digital courses IMMEDIATELY


  • Discover what mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to brainstorm your first course idea
  • Learn how to structure your course
  • Learn how to decide and find your perfect audience
  • Discover how to validate your course so you KNOW it will sell!

There has NEVER been a better time than now to cash in on the online learning craze. You can establish financial resilience, you CAN design sellable courses based completely off your life experience, and you can line your pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars with this proven system

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You have 30 Days To Try Out the Training.
If this training doesn’t blow you away, just send us an email and 100% of your investment will be refunded.
That’s how confident I am in this training.


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